It’s about time…

After sitting contemplating over and over again about starting a blog I have finally convinced myself its a good idea. Kind of like how I contemplate dieting. Blogging seemed like a much more fun and do-able embarkment. It’s about time. I don’t really know what to do with this space, but I am often told that I should do something with the fashion, beauty and DIY tips that I have. So here I am.

This year has been particularly busy and exciting for me. I completed my third year at university, graduated, travelled to Barbados and completed an internship in Seville. All of which makes me realise how much you can achieve in one year if you put your mind to it. I would’ve loved to have kept a blog throughout these experiences to look back onย but as Edna Mode’s (The Incredibles) said:

“I Never Look Back, Darling! It Distracts From The Now”

So, onwards and upwards! Heres a little about me. My name is Rianne. If you didn’t guess that then scroll back to the top and re-read my header. I’m 21 and living in England at the moment. I want to be Beyonce. Or at least her best friend. What a SASSY human being. ย I feel like if you know who Mindy Kaling is and like her, then we would totally get on. I’m convinced she stole my personality. Or we’re related. Mindy if you’re reading this, I want a DNA test. Beyonce you too.

Ri xoxo

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