Wear your weird…


So far in this blog I’ve been uploading a lot on my personal thoughts and rambling on. However, this post will be about an instagram collaboration blog which my sister and I have been doing called ‘Howtworock‘. Its dedicated to how the two of us rock our wardrobes and how weird my sister and I are. ‘Wear your weird’ is a tag which is trending on instagram by Mishka. If you like streetwear clothing then Mishka is the perfect brand for you. It originates in NYC which explains is creative flair! It’s combination of bright colours and sinister imagery makes the brand distinctive and just INCREDIBLY cool! My sister has been obsessing over Mishka for a while now and I thought it was only fair to share with you our ‘wear your weird’ shoot we did.

It was awfully cold and horrendously spooky shooting it in a church yard! Theres something about posing near dead bodies that screams this is wrong to me. Although the entire time I was thinking how dope it would be if one rose from the grave for a selfie! But the jersey my sister wanted to shoot in is called ‘Memphis Afterlife Hockey Jersey’. Any item of clothing called afterlife needs to be photographed in a graveyard. Zombie selfie or no selfie.

Check out their clothing line, especially now that Christmas is over theres a lot of pieces on sale: https://mishkanyc.com/

IMG_3150 - EditedIMG_3189 - EditedIMG_3086


Photography: Corey Hayman and Rianne Hayman

Styling: Done by Ourselves

Image 1: Mishka Afterlife Jersey, MOTO Jamie Jeans, New Look Duster, H&M Felt Hat

Image 2 & 4: Paris T-shirt and Jacquard skirt, Maroon strap heels, Camel Coat (charity shop in Seville) , Ja’dore Clutch, Crystal Jewellery 

Image 3: Camel Coat, Mishka Afterlife Jersey, MOTO Jamie Jeans, New Look Duster 

Some of the items I’ve listed above may be out of season so i’ve tried to find similar pieces. It was really fun to shoot despite not being able to feel my toes after standing outside in the cold for ages! Hope you guys liked this post!

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