Sevilla! Point, Case, Proven!

I have recently returned from Seville in Spain after completing a nine week internship and basically a nine week piss up. When wine is that cheap, it would be rude not to drink it. There is always a bottle of wine that needs rescuing and I’d be more than happy to wear the cape . Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to see everyone since I’ve returned so I guess an easy way to answer everyones questions is to solidify it in writing. I’m so heres a bit about my experience in spain. Brace yourself.

La Setas – The Mushroom.

Lets just start of with saying SEVILLE WAS AMAZING!! I wouldn’t change a single thing about the trip. I met some amazing people all of which reminded me of the qualities I want to exceed in myself and I know that meeting them all was for a reason. Each and every one of the people I encountered taught me something, especially within my own practise. I met some beautifully creative people. People that my soul just felt at ease with because they were just like me. I drew so much inspiration from the places I saw in such as the views in Ronda, surrounding architecture in Seville and even just in the people I passed in the street.

The fashion in Andalusia was exceptional. All the girls dressed head to toe in chic. The men were so classy and smouldering. Wooweee, it was enough to make you race to the shops just to dress like a Sevilian! One morning I encountered this girl who was walking in front of me. She was stunning, not to mention her outfit. I took a few cheeky snaps of her which I shouldn’t have, but hey ho, all in the name of fashion. If this is your bottom, I’m sorry for taking your photo without your permission but I adored what you were wearing! How it looked so comfortable and casual but so on trend and polished. The picture doesn’t show the sophisticated shirt she was wearing paired with these high waisted trousers but it would have been terribly awkward running in front of her to take a photo after I saw her classy outfit. She nailed the smasual look perfectly.


So much screamed beautiful to me especially the colour combinations I saw in this restaurant. I adore the fuchsia and pastel green. Andalusia was amazing. Inspiration lay between the small streets of seville and the highest points of the buildings. IMG_4769


Home inspo
The Spectacular view in Ronda – 2014

A lot of people do not think of seville as a holiday destination. BUT IF YOU’RE READING THIS YOU SHOULD BOOK FLIGHTS AND GO!! It was the best thing I ever did!

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