Food For Thought!

If there was one thing I couldn’t get enough of in Seville, it was the food. Oh my, I was all over the food like white on rice. I loved the tapas. Because I was there for nine weeks I felt like I got a good feel for the best places to eat whilst we were there. However to figure out your favourite places to eat and drink means eating at some pretty awful places.

Some occurrences are definitely unfortunate, for example I love croquettes. Hair in my croquettes not so much. If the chef looked like Captain Cave Man then maybe I could understand, or when they say handmade on the menu I didn’t expect the chef to have such long hair on his hands!

Anyways…moving swiftly on, my top restaurants in Seville made the cut because the food was incredibly delicious and was excellent value for money…and they lacked hair 🙂

So lets get started!


Coming in third was Eslava. Its rated pretty high on trip advisor and the reviews are real. I loved the food, the service was great. They were extremely delicious for the price and it was ridiculous how fast the restaurant filled up upon opening. My experience was easily a 8/10. My favourite dishes were the sticky pork ribs and these cuttlefish cigar filo pastry tapas which were incredible. The solomillo was so juicy and tender and we also got made this vegetarian tart which wasn’t on the menu, but was so delicious considering it was made as a special request. I recommend you book a table because I cannot explain how quickly the room filled once we were seated.

Second is Taberna Coloniales. I loved this place. Most people get agitated when they have to wait for a table at a restaurant but personally i think if its worth queuing for then its worth eating at. My favourite dishes were the chicken in almond sauce. It was beautiful. I never would have thought of using a nut for a sauce but it worked so well. I also am a massive fan of pate. Like I might as well be a ball of pate. The dish ‘Pate de Pato’ is a dish made for all pate lovers. Its served with crusty bread and orange marmalade. I loved the sweet and meat combination. It was surprising and its not often that I am surprised by food.


This is another must! The spinach Croquettes are a must try and there are these deep fried cheese and asparagus balls, which you will not regret. Yes deep fried balls of cheese screams heart attack, but I found them incredibly enjoyable. But share them, way too much cheese to tackle alone. This is situated so close to the Setas so its easy to fine and a must during your time in seville.

photo 1photo 2

The top of shop goes to (drum role please)…..La Brunilda Tapas.

OH MY GOD! This place ruined my mouth for the rest of eternity and back account because I will always long to taste something as amazing as those tapas and will be desperately heading back out there to eat at La Brunilda again! I can’t recommend anything on the menu because its all outstanding and there is something for everyone on it. I’ve tried so much from the menu and would never get bored eating there if lived in Seville. They say if the spaniards will eat there then it must be good and its better than good, it was incredible. It was the best discovery I made in Seville and this is even after finding ‘Bicicleteria’ which is a bar in Calle Feria. We ended up having our goodbye meal at La Brunilda and it was the perfect ending of a perfect trip.


Thanks for reading!

Ri xoxo

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