Be My Valentino.

Now I am not one for celebrating valentines day. It seems to be filled with eccentric cards, over priced meals, an unnecessary use of the colour pink and not to mention the over indulgence of the word love.

I have a personal dislike for valentines day because my birthday is a day before and Valentines always destroys my plans with friends…especially those in relationships. One thing I can celebrate is Valentino’s Spring 2015 collection. How stunning! And despite my own complex with the day I thought I would take some inspiration from Valentino’s collection for outfits. Of course finding alternatives at a high street accessible level.

Numero uno – Modelled by Irina Liss 

Photo: Marcus Tondo

Image 1
Valentino Spring 2015

I love this little ensemble. I love how bold yet soft the print it. Green is one of my favourite colours and I enjoy the contrast of it with the mustard yellow and the hints of vibrant red. I’ve spotted in Topshop that Paisley has re-emerged for this season. PERFECT! I selected these cheeky pieces because I think they embody Valentino’s flair. Yes the top is maternity but I love the oversized look. The big tee tucked into this midi flared skirt would work in my eyes.

1 - Skirt
Paisley Print Zip Front Midi Skirt – £45.00
1 - top
MATERNITY Paisley Woven Tee – £36.00
1 - Dress alternative - Miss selfridge
Artisan Placement Print Maxi price: £45.00

This dress is from Miss Selfridge. WHAT A FIND! In the UK valentines is often cold, so a nice long floor length dress will cover those legs and keep your goose pimples from standing on edge!

Numero Dos – Modelled by Audrey Nurit

Photo: Marcus Tondo

Image 2
Image 2.2 Valentino Spring 2015

If you and you partner have been together long and you want  to impress by looking sleek, stylish but still young and flirty then cutouts and lace is perfect. I would love to wear the Valentino cut out dress but its a little out of my budget. BUT THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE! These beautiful culottes from Topshop. A little pricey but if you already have a white shirt at home then it wouldn’t be too bad for a special occasion. If not then this is the white shirt from H&M is reasonably priced!

image 2 - culottes
Lace Culottes by TFNC – £45.00
image 2.2
H&M Cotton Shirt – £14.99

Numero Tres – Modelled by Larissa Marchiori

Photo: Marcus Tondo

Image three
Valentino Spring 2015

Valentino has an amazing way of pairing and layering prints without making an outfit look over powered or over busy. I would sell a lot of things in my life for this duster coat and the models legs. But i’m sure buying body parts aren’t legal just yet. This outfit would definitely work for a fun daytime date and is a winner if you’re after a cheaper outfit for valentines as it tots up to a surprising £20.98!!! And it’s from Zara……WINNER WINNER WINNER!

shirt image three
H&M Cotton Shirt – £14.99
image 3 - shorts
Printed Shorts – WAS 29.99 but now 7.99

These are my top three looks of Valentino’s collection and I will definitely be using inspiration from this and saving it for February 14th. Comment with your thoughts. Or if you find a cheaper alternative to these looks please post the website in the comments below. Everyone loves a bargain! Especially me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Be My Valentino.

  1. I love the white dress but I think I’d need a bit more coverage over my crotch
    I think you’ve defo convinced me that Valentino is better than Valentine’s Day. Valentino lasts all year after all!

    Liked by 1 person

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