Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.

“Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” – Miranda Priestly

I’m sure Meryl Streep would be shocked to know that florals are re-emerging for spring. But if you can’t bring yourself to wear it again this year…then don’t. Here are my must haves/my most wanted for spring! 🙂

Now, let’s get one thing straight, I may look like a crazy girly girl, but I can inform you all right now that I am not. Yes I walk better in heels than I do in flats but I really despise things that make me look overly girly. Just because I am a girl doesn’t mean I should automatically be in love with the colour pink. I love boy-ish chic. Everyone has their own styles and favourite pieces so I don’t expect my likes to be everyone’s cup of tea so if you like pink that’s okay, it’s just not my thing. I try to stay away from fads and anything that is really gimmicky. I am not crazy about sequins on tops, plastic costume jewellery and things like that.

Basically I like things that make me look a lot older than what I am. Seriously, how many 21 year olds do you know that have briefcases? I own three.

So without further ado….here are my favourite new SS15 highstreet looks at the moment. It combines some pieces I have from last spring for this spring! 🙂


love love love the large knit jumper and pleather shorts. This look is from H&M! They hit the mark in my opinion. Combine the hard look with a comfortable knit and bobs your uncle. It is perfect for the sping chill that is still lingering around depsite it getting brighter.  HM-Spring-Fashion-2015-1065-107_x1

For me shirts are essential and the bigger/longer the better. I’m crazy about this shress (Shirt/dress, not a real word yet…but it will catch on) another look from H&M. I am really struggling to fault their looks this upcoming season.


Trousers are a must for spring because it’s still cold, so brighten up your day with an off white ensamble! Another perfect outfit from ZARA. Simple with detail becomes so interesting. I really enjoy the stitch down the front of this long sleeves top. Wearing simple clothes doesn’t mean you’re a basic bitch.

I’ve slipped in a dress as well. It will be very optimistic to wear in March. But if you have a formal occasion and need something a little more evening appropriate then this little black number is perfect. It is timeless and spring appropriate because of the chiffon drape.



For my final selection I am seriously considering purchasing these trousers. WOW. Love the burnt mustard colour. And mustard always looks good on everyone right?


No one is perfect? But you’re on step closer to perfection with mustard trousers. AND THESE SHOES! WOOWWEEEE. I need these. I just want to work for Zara and get first picks at their clothing. Its quality, style and details are grand! I just am in awe with them.


Let me know what your outfit plans are for spring. I would love to see your creative flare and try some new styles. Until next time 🙂

Ri xoxo

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