Perpetual Statement

IMG_1083- edited

Six posts in and I feel like I’m finally getting into the swing of this blogging business. After days of contemplation over what post I want to bestow upon my lovely followers I finally came to the conclusion of telling you all a little bit more about me. Not particularly ready to bare it all, but maybe just some more about the woman behind the screen.                                                                                                         IMG_1120 - Edited                                                                                                                                                         

This post is inspired by the one thing I don’t think I could not survive without if I didn’t have this in my wardrobe. (This is excluding the essentials like underwear of course). The beloved Blazer. I am convinced it will never run out of fashion. It can be dressed up and dressed down. It can look formal and powerful or laid back and relaxed. I love blazers so much that I am the proud owner of 8 and they are all still going strong. From long to short lengths my blazers are as diverse as the ethnicity sections on job applications. I have plain ones, tweed, houndstooth, paisley, duster length and even a naughty Valentino blazer which I will never let go of.

IMG_1063 - Edited

Since the blazer arrived in the 19th Century it has done nothing but transformed into a chic must have item and continues its position on its pedestal of perpetual statement. I could wear all of the ones I own to a business meeting and then for cocktails straight after with my girls. If you have unloved blazers in your wardrobe, crack them back out, dust them off and give them some new year good lovin’. They will be perfect for spring! It is perfect for every season in all honesty. P.s. During this shoot I personally felt like Beyoncé when I was wearing this boyfriend blazer (especially with the cigar in my mouth!) Powerful. Sassy. Chic…and who doesn’t want to feel like Beyonce?

Ri xoxo

IMG_1103 - Edited

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