My Travel Essentials!

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. over the past couple of days. I’ve been exploring Rotterdam and Den Haag. I have been writing over the trip to tell you about my time in The Netherlands, however before I get into that this post is about the way I like to travel. Over 2014 I travelled quite a bit and I keep a few little tricks up my sleeves to keep myself looking at least a little more presentable to the public when getting off a long journey.

So everyone knows that sitting on a coach, train or plane for long hours is tiring and uncomfortable. Now here’s how I try to beat those bags under my eyes, neck pain and the general aftermath of travel. This isn’t the typical travel essentials like underwear, money, passports, etc. They’re the obvious. These are my not so obvious essentials 🙂

travel - with text

MINTS: Always travel with mints! Omg there is nothing worst than sitting next to someone on a plane or coach after they have had something to eat and a little kip and then they talk to you. If you’ve experienced it then make sure your breath is minty fresh and you’re not that person. Also if you’re putting a mint into your mouth maybe they will ask you for one? Pay it forward.

BE BRALESS: If you’re a lady let your puppies be free. I cannot stand to wear a bra. I only like the ones which are beautiful and lacy which don’t hold anything in place. Even though I am a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee I do need a bra I just dislike wearing them. So be bra-less and BE COMFORTABLE!

TRAINERS: Not like the personal type, like the actual footwear type. I rarely travel in heels. Done before yes, but never again since. It’s unnecessary pain for you tootsies. I always travel now in sneaks and I always pack an extra pair in my suitcase. I have this ongoing fear that it would be me who is late to the gate when they are announcing last call. Inevitably leaving me with no choice but to run in heels and make an absolute tit of myself in the process. It terrifies me. You can never be tooooo prepared.

BUTTER ME UP: I cannot stress to you how much I like to moisture when getting on a long journey somewhere. I literally smother myself in a non-oily moisturiser so it prevents me looking ashy and dry. Prior to flying or travelling take some you time and moisture nights before, applying extra cream before you sleep to give your skin that boost it needs.

THE BELOVED MENS SHIRT: I love mens shirts. And the best way to hide the no bra situation is under a big baggy shirt. I know not everyone is obsessed with them like I am so a baggy top, hoodie or anything oversized and cozy.

WATER: Even if you don’t like peeing on public transport I highly recommend drinking plenty of water the day before your journey and carrying a bottle of water with you during. When you get off drink another large bottle of water to re-hydrate your body. I always feel so thirsty throughout the journey. Especially when I am up 1000 of air miles in the air. Like even the moisture in my eyes feel drained. Is it just me?

BONUS ESSENTIAL: I love to sketch. Sketching clothing, textures, shoes and accessories. Everything. So a sketch book and pencil-case is always with me. Sometimes even two.


So that’s it for now. These are some of my little tips for travelling. Alongside the usual such as travel pillows, pocket perfume etc etc. I always sleep uncomfortably on travels. I don’t actually know anyone who sleeps well tbh! So I always walk with my purple little friend. It saves my life so much 🙂 I like to brush my teeth during travelling. So toothpaste and tooth brushes are a must. Little things like that. But I assume most people do those things so I didn’t want to bore you with my teeth routine.

Sit tight for my post about being in Holland. Until next time xoxo

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