Rogue in Rotterdam

Sorry I have been M.I.A for a while and not really been posting. I was off exploring The Netherlands. Shortly after returning I went to london for a postgraduate University open day. It has been extremely busy for me. So yes this is a little bit of a delayed post but no it will not be lacking in what happened.

On the first day we arrived we checked into our hostel. It was called King Kong hostel and it was rated the no.1 hostel in Rotterdam. So from the get go it sounds like it’s gonna be amazing. And it was, I found it was really cool and laid back. It was really cozy and quirky. If the hostel was a man then I would marry him. If you’re going to Rotterdam then I would 100% recommend it. When we arrived we were greeted really nicely by the receptionist, who informed us that there was extra space in a room which we hadn’t booked and kindly upgraded us into a new room without wanting extra payment. Extremely sweet and we met some amazing people whilst being in the hostel. One of which was Austrailian and bought vegemite 🙂 I was so happy!

Day two we went and explored Rotterdam which consisted of visiting art museums, shops, vintage fairs and going to the Markt Hal to sample great foods from all over the world. It was huge and the artwork on the ceiling was beautiful.


IMG_3423 IMG_3422

Over indulging in sweets, treats and ‘Warme choco’ the Markt Hal was incredibly breathtaking. I particularly enjoyed the design on the restaurants. On top of the stalls there was a different level of seats for people to sit and eat. For those of you who played Mario Kart Double Dash this is what it reminded me of. When you play multiplayer with balloon battle in block city it was like that. But without the turtle shells, bananas and walking wind up bombs. If you don’t get the reference check it out 🙂 It’s incredibly stunning.


IMG_3438 IMG_3455

I look crazy uncomfortable. It did look like so much fun to swing on but NOOO. It was hella scary to sit on and I did not feel safe.




I love Poffertjes, they are a traditional Dutch little treat. You can have it with fruit, chocolate or powdered sugar. I personally love them and its incredibly light but satisfying. I had them when I was in Amsterdam two years ago and it took me back instantly to sitting in the Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream shop eating pancakes and cookie dough.


We stumbled upon Margreeth Olsthoorn. A shop/gallery/the most amazing place in the world!! Some of the clothing is the stunningly made with fantastic details. Check their stuff Here are some sneaky snaps of their fashion quotes.

 IMG_3410 IMG_3407 IMG_3408 IMG_3409

Photo 30-01-2015 14 56 19

Another cute place I really enjoyed was ‘Bagel Bakery & Burgers’ it was glorious. Avocado on bagels are genius. It was cute and if you’re in Rotterdam and want breakfast or a brunch, then head here 🙂

 Photo 30-01-2015 21 03 57

Photo 30-01-2015 12 10 26  Photo 30-01-2015 12 16 16

Whilst in The Netherlands I also visited Den Haag and this sandwich board made my day. Also did you know that stressed is desserts backwards! I learnt that from this sandwich board! Thanks for reading my post. I hope it gave you guys a little insight into places I went and places I think you should go!

Photo 31-01-2015 11 56 19

Until next time xoxo

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