The hilarity that I call my life.

This is the tale of how three girls found themselves stranded in London after a series of unfortunate events.

After long contemplation over attending a postgraduate university opening day in Middlesex it had soon became clear that it was in everyone’s best interest to attend. For what ever reasonings. No one passes up a chance to explore London. The day began with an early start, resulting in forgetting to draw my eyebrows on. Now I just look earthy. Anyways my mood improves after arriving in London and embarking on finding some of my favourite shops, such as; Zara, Cos and Monki. Beautiful clothes and amazing bargains were found in all stores! After a spot of shopping there was a huge craving for food. No breakfast to start the day was an awful choice. We were now lacking in strength and an appropriate body temperature so we all over ate to warm our hearts and stomachs.


Once we had devoured some great food and great conversation we travelled via the underground to get up to zone 4 for the university open day. It was incredible. Completely unexpected architecture for a university building in the city of London. One word…..grand. That’s what word best sums up the up so far, absolutely grand.

Soon after exploring the facilities, attending a talk and judging what Middlesex could offer we were impressed and ready to head back into Central London for a meal with my best friend from university. PERFECT. Everything about this day was going incredible. But this didnt last long.

Upon arriving at Meat Mission (a snazzy little bar and good food joint in Hoxton) I embraced the arms of she who goes by the name Ella (my best friend from uni) and sat amongst her my sister and cousin whilst laughing the time away. And that is exactly what happened. Time slipped away. Before we knew it it was time To head back to Victoria to get our backsides home! Leaving abruptly with a quick departure the realisation hit that if we missed our journey home we’d be screwed. A fast pace followed. Then running. Underground and above ground. It was too much rigorous exercise to do in my brand new brogues which needed to be worn gently before running like we were in a race.

WE MADE IT!…. just! But only just. We approached the counter to find out that our journey was delayed and we had to wait roughly half an hour for it to arrive. Relief appeared. So much relief because we knew we had time to recover and wait, most importantly because we had NOT missed it! So we patiently wait. Sitting. talking and generally finding ways to pass the time when we suddenly hear a call for our journey. When approaching the gate we were instructed to stand and we notice that we cannot see our journey home! Little did we know it had pulled in for a whole 30 seconds and then headed back out on its journey.

BALLS. Now we have missed our journey home!!!!!

Okay, so now there are three disgruntled girls back at the counter to the rude and very arrogant woman in the coach station, who told us that it was our fault that we missed the coach. I was SO annoyed. She then informed us that she called it three times before it left. NO. Now she’s lying to our faces. Normally they call boarding, or say last call for the M1. NOTHING! How can six ears not hear 4 calls for a coach. Are you kidding me. Thank god her colleague had the decency to tell the truth and say “to be fair I only called it once”. If looks could kill. Anyways another woman who was listening just said ‘Okay, we’ll just have to put them on another coach’. Cool. Just great. ANOTHER HOUR WAIT!

They just shoved us on a coach to Birmingham even though we wanted to go to Coventry. But we figured we were a lot closer to home if we get dropped off there than be stranded in London. Whilst we were waiting to be let on a bus that was heading to Aberdeen. The coach driver was so nice and wanted to know why we were trying to get on our coach because our ticket information was clearly wrong. After explaining what had happened to us he devised a plan for us not to get off in Birmingham, but to get off in rugby. Then when he finished his shift he would drop us off at a service station, drop off his staff car then come and pick us up in his car and drive us to Coventry. WHAT A SAINT! Honestly I could not thank this man any more for what he did. And to the rude woman in the coach station. I feel sorry for you. You must not have children…or a soul.

Now I am so aware how ridiculous this sounds. I can’t believe this bull-crap happened to me either. BUT when the genius coach driver was driving (yes this is hella dangerous) he wrote us a note with the plan on it. The reason we had to be so sneaky is because the rude woman who lied to our faces and then told the driver he couldn’t drop us in Coventry was on the coach. So he had to drop her off first to do a good deed or us. Thank you v.nice megabus driver and BOOO to the mean troll lady who was unsympathetic to the fact that she didn’t call the coach enough and that’s why we missed it!

Photo 07-02-2015 14 10 46

Here is the note. And I gave the driver my blog address so if you’re reading this, thank you again. For getting us all home safe. Not many people are trusting of men who would do you a favour like that. But after going out on a limb, I realise that that fear of hitch-hiking or getting into another mans car does have risks but 9 times out of 10 they are doing you a massive favour.

Until next time xoxo

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