All the glitters are not gold…

… they can be what ever colour you want them to be this upcoming summer season.

I am obsessing over glitter and I have to wonder if this is because recently I really want to wear anything that is at all slightly relatable to mermaids and unicorns. This is what the summer season does to me…and an over exposure to Sophia Websters¬†designs and creative flare.

Glitter is often associated to whimsical fashion accessories and often adds a bit of fun to an outfit. I like being understated when it comes to sparkle on an outfit. I think it can come off a little bougie ghetto especially being black. I don’t know why but I just don’t think I or many people can pull of bougie clothing, hooped earrings, furs and glitter without looking like Cookie from Empire. She would kick my ass if she read that ha!


People love adopting glitter for festivals and summer parties but why not wear it seriously in a high-end fashion way? I decided to show you guys my favourite glitter faces which I have accumulated in preparation for summer. I will 100% wear one of these just for a casual trip into town.

All of these looks provide a unique statement and focal point to their faces and outfits. I personally love how fun these looks are yet somewhat serious and very high-end fashion. New addiction for the next few months.

Until next time xoxo


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