London Girl.

Half way through this internship I felt it was time for an obligatory round up of my past six weeks at Sophia Webster.

Being 100% honest I am always tired. Having previously started a different internship in London then starting Sophia Webster directly after…today is officially the 10th week of me doing 7 day weeks. But hey ho, sleep is for the weak and I’ll have plenty of time to rest when I’m dead. Too morbid?

I always have been interested in footwear and it is great to be in an environment where everyone shares a similar passion and common interest. Sophia is very creative and I have a lot of respect for her style, that’s why this opportunity is one I am very grateful for. 

I don’t want to go on for too long so here is a quick round up of what I’ve experienced since being at #SWHQ…

Two weeks into the internship I was presented with the amazing opportunity to go to Sophia’s SS16 underwater London Fashion Week presentation. Based on the concept that mermaids get a unique opportunity to wash their tails for a very short amount of time, these sirens were able to wear some of the most stylish thigh highs, sleek sandals and embellished footwear whilst frolicking on land.Invites - edited image

Until you’ve interned over London Fashion Week you will never quite understand the unique combination of exhaustion and excitement that you experience in the lead up and during the show. Having seen hints of oceanic prints, dreamy colour palettes and iridescent tones I could tell this presentation was going to be one of a kind. The pre-show buzz was chaotically organised, (I know I am full for oxymorons) but it was. Models were being dress, make-up was being put on, St Tropez oil was being applied and overall the energy was flawless. It was definitely a unique experience, one that I was very fortunate to be apart of.   

It was very surreal to see bits of costume and pieces of footwear which taken away from the context of the showroom do not seem to make immediate sense, however having seen the completed set the penny finally dropped. Sophia Webster’s ‘Mermaid Launderette’ was one of the highlights of the whole of #LFW. Our social media presence was rated third out of many for how successful our social media engagement was during LFW. I met some very inspiring people, some of which are my favourite bloggers such as Zanita and HowTwoLive. I was truly blown away.

I feel like I’ve rambled a lot already… so I’ll let you over indulge in the mesmerising oceanic scene for a few minutes….here are a few of my favourite backstage images that I took.

IMG_4129IMG_5776 IMG_4535 IMG_4896 IMG_4922 IMG_5044 IMG_5087


Once the show came and passed, normality was craved by all in the office and it was upwards and onwards to the next big thing. After this, the Paris show room was due to go up for Paris Fashion Week and we started working towards the launch of the new shiny website which the famous Lesley worked extremely hard to bring to life. Which is currenly live now, go check it. Also if you use the code: fortheloveofshoes then you’ll get free shipping!

We celebrated the collective hard work that the SW team shown at LFW with a beautiful breakfast at the Attendant. It was so cute and the food was so tasty. Generally every day if filled with much fun in the office and I am looking forward to the remainder of my stay. 

Have I made you hungry?….Until next time. Ri xoxo



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